Hello, I am a UX designer.
My goal is to help you realize your online & digital dreams with simplification.

I believe to simplify anything, it starts with a thoughtful process of reduction, and further reduction just when you think it's done.

Kevin is a professional PM. He drives himself to be a forward-thinker, pushing the importance of UX and customer experience as a priority, motivating the team to meet its potential.

April Ward
Global Social Media Strategy Leader, General Electric 
...taking care of the functional specs, design and usability details of all projects he'd managed...I recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a complete and multifunctional PM to manage all kind of Web projects.

Oscar Junyent
CEO & Founder, eLink

Kevin is a highly competent web designer who is very easy to work with. He knows his field very well and provides an excellent work at a reasonable cost. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking to build a website.

Joshua Hoo
Vice President, Greybrook Securities Inc.
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